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Join the Cannabis Tribe bringing human stories and passionate businesses to life.

We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and extra-curricular activities in a supportive community dedicated to spreading the word and healing potential of Cannabis.

We are looking to engage local leaders to share this knowledge in monthly live meetings, online and hopefully in a neighborhood near you. If you have enough people wanting to attend, through the power of digital media we can provide the expertise, humor, and content to spread the word.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our  online packages may be right up your street. There is a third option, which if you like the sound of both but perhaps can’t attend all training sessions, this is when blended learning comes into its own.

In the future we hope to blend online learning with offline training in major cities, giving us all a chance to network and meet. The Budcamp Movement begins here and spreads out, looking for partners who want to bring this knowledge and wisdom to their community. We offer both free and paid training, so all are included, which is part of our mission.


Budcamp is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing Cannabis leaders with diverse approaches who make a difference globally.

  • International focus – our students come from across the globe

  • Free and affordable classes – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – education is inclusive, not exclusive; it is a right to pursue the truth.


After watching friends suffer through chemotherapy treatment because of their breast cancer, we began to research alternatives. After a lot of research we realized that cannabis was healing people with cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain so we then shared this info with our friends and family. 

We found out that around 100 million suffer from chronic pain and yet there are so many people are afraid of cannabis. That is when we made it our mission and our calling to educate, advocate and help to legalize it sharing stories, and videos.

Have a solid WHY you are doing this business. Your why needs to make you cry. Find your passion. Have a solid emotional reason why you are in the industry. If it’s just about money, find another business. It’s about the clients you serve. Prepare to work longer hours than you ever have. Make sure to have systems in place for everything. Hire and train the best teams. Keep training. 

Cannabis is about people who need help from a simple plant that is changing lives.  We’re about connecting those in pain with the relief they seek, and helping those businesses to make sure what they do is in compliance and legal. U.S drug sales are over $450 billion. Pharmaceutical drugs caused over 55,000 overdoses last year. Cannabis causes no deaths. Vets lose their benefits if they use cannabis, so there is a huge addiction to pills problem. You can’t take your medicine across state lines legally. It’s time to #legalizeit.  It’s time to recognize the value and healing cannabis brings, which is why we’ve devoted our energies to help, and teach.




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