Co-founder and CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation

Heather Jackson is the co-founder and CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation, an internationally acclaimed non-profit primarily serving families who are dealing with life-limiting and chronic health conditions. The number of people her organization has served has grown 7000% since 2013.  Her WHY is her family. After her youngest son Zaki journeyed from hospice to health using cannabis, she made it her mission to help families who find themselves in the same position her family was in. Her mantras are to end the day with no potential left in it and to smile until your face hurts. Her humor, social enterprising ethics, and vision have paved the way for many to improve their quality of life. Heather’s work has been featured on Dateline, New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, Good Housekeeping, 60 Minutes Australia, CNN with Sanjay Gupta and more.

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Realm of Caring is a 501c3 charitable organization that has grown to a team 16 full and part-time dynamos. They serve over 35,000 families from all over the world. They reach over a million people a month through their efforts and awareness. RoC is doing first of its kind research with Johns Hopkins University and launched both current and former NFL player research projects as well. RoC distributed close to $100,000 in grants to families in need. They also have aided in over twenty states adding cannabis legislation since 2014. Because quality of life matters!

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