Community Educator and Entreprenuer

With a lifelong history of being a seeker and creating her own path Keiko has embraced the cannabis plant and life style for many years. Keiko was always guided to natural medicine she found herself in Mexico at one of the first alternative cancer clinics. Following were many schools of Naturopathy, Herbology, Acupuncture, Rebirthing, and becoming a vegetarian chef.  In 2013 she assisted in creating the first Cannabis based TV Network the US Weed Channel on Roku TV.  She produced and directed informative programs such as 420 News, Comfort Cannabis Cookery, Canna Education and Canna Medication.   She was instrumental in creating a cultivation and a successful delivery service based on proper patient care.

Beatie is a Board Member of OC Norml, Orange County Women Grow, writer for Edibles Magazine, Co-Host on Hemp Radio, on Camera for Cannabis Financial Network and speaker at various cannabis events Keiko was recently featured in the cover story of “The Top Emerging Women in Cannabis” in Edibles Magazine, an article in MJ Magazine on “Diversity of Asian Women in Cannabis” and a feature on Hawaiian Life News as part of the Hawaiian Cannabis Conference.   Her desire to educate on the true benefits of cannabis “Acceptance and legalization through education and outreach” is her mission. It her part to share and give back to the community with compassion.