1. Eligibility

We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and interactive activities.

The Budcamp Movement involves health professionals, cannabis-based businesses, and social activists helping to change laws so that we can free cannabis from the stigma of being a controlled substance, and enable those who are in need to access the various cannabis products.

Whether CBDs or cannabis oil, the promise of the cannabis industry is in providing healing to many suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and the after effects of chemotherapy. Veterans with PTSD find sleep with cannabis products easier, and less addictive than pills they are prescribed.

It is our hope you join the Budcamp Movement and make a difference, by spreading awareness and enabling those in need to gain access to cannabis related solutions, in addition to those they find in traditional medicine today.

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2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best education possible, with the best teachers we can find. By delivering both free content and classes, along with paid classes, we provide a mixture of health education and business education not found elsewhere. We also will encourage the new activism to make a difference and help #LegalizeIt, so people can find relief from pain with the many cannabis solutions being created today.

3. Review Process

Budcamp is developing a review process for teachers and classes, so we can provide information you can trust and base your decisions on trusted advice. By vetting teachers, we insure that quality insights are shared, both from a health perspective and a business viewpoint.

We provide guidance on practical health applications, so you can make decisions that are right for you, and the health professionals you look to for answers. Together we can demystify the cannabis industry and make it mainstream, so more people can understand the benefits without being driven by fear of the unknown.


4. Success

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment. Learning by doing is key here, as we encourage all our teachers and classes to give people specific action items to try out on their own. The more you do, the better you learn and retain, and find out what is best for you.

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