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Cannabis isn’t about laws, it’s about love. That’s why the new video coming out, Legalize It, focuses on the heart of this issue, and saving a girl from cancer.

Dahlia is a little girl with cancer, and one of the bravest people I’ve met. Here’s what she says about her battle, with the wisdom of a child and the simplicity of what she was facing.

“It was cancer.”

“We killed the cancer.”

“Don’t come back cancer.”

“She’s a really good mom, She never gives up on her kids”.

“Mommy thank you.”

Dahlia’s Mom shares her story in the video, and so much more.

“My daughter was going to die.

I had Dahlia 5 years ago, and she was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was two. Within a few months of treatments I realized, my daughter was gong to die unless I did something about it.

What I found time and time again was that cannabis was very efficient just for treating the symptom and side effects of both the disease and its treatment.

I started her on cannabis oil 6 months into her treatment. The very first time she took cannabis oil, she slept through the night for the first time in her entire life.

She gained 3 pounds the first week she was on cannabis oil. All the science for or against doesn’t matter, because you’re witnessing it with your own eyes.

I’m just so ashamed to admit, but had this been on a ballot in front of me, I don’t think I would have voted for it. I also never had someone sit down in front of me and explain to me that this was medicine.”

The video Legalize It is about this misconception, common and challenging to many. If we can clear this up for more people, then they can take advantage in helping them overcome cancer, or chemo, or the many other uses of cannabis for those who are seriously ill.

  • Legalize It isn’t a political piece, it’s about people.

  • A child with cancer.

  • A mother learning about and using cannabis oil to help her child.

It’s that simple, cannabis oil and CBD and even marijuana are being used in many innovative ways. While drug companies are allowed to sell pills that are clearly causing problems, and an opioid epidemic, cannabis users are still treated the same as someone taking heroin or LSD.

Yes the changes are coming, but not fast enough. It’s time to end the silliness.


It’s about time, and it’s about saving lives.