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Marijuana Activist

Andrea FasouliNow more then ever we need to be activists, know how to talk with our representatives, how to educate politicians on cannabis.  Today we will speak with Andrea Fasoli who works with Denver’s NORML.

In this class you will learn:  

  1. The step-by-step process on how laws are formed
  2. How to stay in touch with your representatives
  3. Best strategies to support and/or introduce pro-marijuana legislation
  4. Most effective ways of getting the message across to public officials
  5. Talking points to share with politicians to legalize cannabis


Since its inception in 1970, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has been actively involved in local communities all across the Unites States, to advocate for the rights of all marijuana consumers. There are currently 150 chapters in the country and expanding Internationally, to make Marijuana legalization a global effort. NORML always wants to keep people up to date with ongoing Federal as well as State-by-State pro marijuana legislations through its “Action Center” page. Last but not least the organization has a database of lawyers & attorneys for each State, in order to help marijuana consumers whom have been prosecuted by their local jurisdiction, for practicing what NORML sees as a fundamental personal freedom. 


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