• Best strains for anti-inflamatory pain relief, mood enhancers uplifters and antidepressants.
  • how to use combination therapy to relieve painful symptoms *safe storage for patients who have young kids in the house
  • how to track your progress and how terpenes help us to pick strains that will be best for our ailments.
  • Breaking down a cannabanoid chart in lay person’s terms that patients understand the function of THC/cbd

Amber Ostrom

It’s all about saving her daughter….

My personal relief of symptoms I have been seizure free for 13 years *challenging your local government *patient rights and interstate state assisted cps kidnapping. Documented in the Washington post *American Weed documentry on National geographic *writing my own petition *licensing applications and regulations *successfully negotiated the return of my child from the clutches of prohibition in the state of Kansas *saving patients lives *working for the largest Permitted Marijuana farm in America *patient culture

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