Seven Secrets to a Successful Pitch

with  Wendy Robbins & Karen Paull


CNBC calls The Marijuana Show, "Shark Tank for the cannabis industry."  

The producers will show you the secrets to a successful pitch.  They have taught others the step by step blueprint, and entrepreneurs who followed it have been offered over $20 million.  

They raised $1 million using the exact freedom formula they will teach you.

Once you follow this proven system, you will be able to easily pitch investors, vendors and team members to want to work with you.  

As a special limited time bonus students will have the  opportunity to pitch and possibly star in season 4 of The Marijuana Show, seen by millions on Amazon Prime!
- You will learn a proven step-by-step system to pitch investors successfully.

- What are the top 5 mistakes to avoid

- What makes investors say "Yes!"
- You will be able to pitch producers and get valuable feedback!

- Possibly star in Season 4 of The Marijuana Show on Amazon Prime!!

Wendy is the Director, Lead Editor and Co-Producer for The Marijuana Show. After attending Julliard School for Acting, she became a successful Director and Producer in film and television. In her extensive 14 year career, she won two Emmy awards and was nominated for a third. She has worked for most major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, Discovery, HBO, FOX, PBS, Disney and others. 

She co-starred with Kelly Ripa in TLC’s series,  “Homemade Millionaire”, and Bloomberg called her, “Americas Top Entrepreneur. She is the author of the best selling book “Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One” (Hay House), and she made $10,000,000 with her invention, The Tingler (TM) (head massager). 

Wendy is a popular motivational speaker and frequently on the news/press as an industry expert featured on CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, Bloomberg, WSJ, Market Watch, NY Times, High Times, Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone and Cannabis Conferences Nationwide.  

Karen is the Producer and Digital Media Guru for The Marijuana Show. She is a digital media and advertising sales executive with over 15 years experience. As a former VP of Sales for Snapfish, Karen helped the company become profitable by managing and scaling a robust advertising department.  The company sold to HP for 300 Million. 

Karen then founded her own consulting business and brought in over 25 Million in digital advertising sales. Karen has an MFA in Theater from San Francisco State University, a BFA in Theater from UCSB and BA in Sociology from UCSB. 

She is a Broadway and off Broadway producer (Evita, The Bubble) and an accomplished playwright with over 25 produced plays and a musical (The Bubble). 

Karen is a popular speaker in the Cannabis Industry and press having been featured on CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, WSJ, Market Watch, Bloomberg, and numerous others.